Apple iPhone 15 Series Launch: How Much Will the New iPhone 15 Pro Cost?

We receive two ordinary iPhone models and two Pro variants, much like last year's iPhones.

Apple will present its new iPhone lineup at the Wonderlust event on September 12. This year's iPhone event, like every year, is rife with rumours.

 The majority of the upcoming iPhone 15 series features have been widely leaked. However, we must wait for the official cost. 

When it comes to cost, there is both good and bad news. Here are the price estimates for the next iPhone 15 series. 

Similarly to previous iPhones, we get two ordinary iPhone models and two Pro models, which will sell at a higher price than non-Pro devices.

Let us begin with the good news. Apple may keep the non-pro model's price from last year. In the United States, the phones began at $999. 

The base model has a starting price of Rs 79,900 for Indian consumers. The new iPhone 15 Plus will be priced at Rs 89,900. 

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