International Day of the Girl 2023 - Date, History and Quotes

International Day of the Girl is observed on October 11th each year. This day was established by the United Nations to promote the rights of girls and address the unique challenges they face around the world

The day emphasizes the importance of providing girls with access to education, healthcare, nutrition, legal rights, and protection from discrimination, violence, and early marriage.

"Girls can change the world. Stand up for their rights, support their dreams, and help them grow into strong, empowered women."

"Every girl deserves the opportunity to be her best self, to be educated, and to dream beyond the limits society may impose on her."

"Girls are not just a part of the future; they are the future. Let's nurture their potential, protect their rights, and empower them to lead."

"Girls have the power to shape the world. Let's give them the tools, opportunities, and encouragement they need to do so."

"Empowering girls means building a brighter future for all. Let's work together to break down barriers and ensure every girl can reach her full potential."

"Girls are strong, resilient, and full of potential. When we invest in them, we invest in a brighter and more equal future for all."

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