A section of Interstate 95 in northeast Philadelphia collapsed following a fire caused by a tanker truck carrying flammable cargo.

The northbound lanes were completely destroyed, while the southbound lanes were compromised by the intense heat.

AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell warned of significant regional consequences and advised travelers to avoid peak travel times.

Transportation officials urged drivers to stay away from the affected area and expect extensive delays and street closures.

The collapse occurred after a crash on a ramp underneath the northbound I-95, causing rapid destruction of the section above.

Governor Josh Shapiro stated that efforts were underway to identify anyone who may have been caught in the fire and collapse.

Witnesses reported the road buckling and collapsing shortly after the fire started, with underground explosions also occurring.

The damaged segment of I-95 is heavily traveled, accommodating approximately 160,000 vehicles daily, but many travelers opt for the New Jersey Turnpike instead. Alternate routes were provided by the state transportation department.

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