Modi gave diamond to Biden's wife. What gift did Modi receive?

Prime Minister Modi gifted a 7.5-carat green diamond to Jill Biden, reflecting the chemical and optical properties of earth-mined diamonds.

The diamond was created using eco-friendly resources such as solar and wind power.

To President Joe Biden, PM Modi gifted a handcrafted sandalwood box containing 'das danam,' which represents ten different donations made on a special occasion.

Other items in the box include white sesame seeds for Tildaan, a 24K pure gold coin for Hiranyadaan, ghee from Punjab for Ajyadaan, handwoven tussar silk cloth from Jharkhand for Vastradaan, and long-grained rice from Uttarakhand for Dhaanyadaan.

The sandalwood used in crafting the box is sourced from Mysore, Karnataka, and the box is intricately carved with flora and fauna patterns.

PM Modi received a handmade, antique American book galley from the Bidens. The first couple also gifted him a vintage American camera, a hardcover book of American wildlife photography and a signed, first edition copy of 'Collected Poems of Robert Frost.

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